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Stefano Baez signs in Sweden with GMFF


AX Soccer Tours is pleased to announce Stefano Baez has signed with Swedish second division side GMFF after an impressive summer showcase tour to Norway and Sweden.  Baez has been working with AX for a while and has showcased in three combines over the last two years and numerous showcase tours in search of a professional contract.

The forward never lost hope, constantly being called up and rejected at different clubs and positions but he didn’t let setbacks destroy his desire and will to play professional soccer. Ultimately he worked hard enough to catch the attention of Swedish scout Lars Svensson and convinced him with his on-field skills that he was ready for the professional level.

The former Sacramento student athlete had his final chance at this summer’s Sweden & Norway Showcase and he took full advantage of it, ultimately landing a professional deal in Swedish football. This is what he had to say when we talked to him:

“I feel like all my hard work finally paid off,” he said. “I’ve been waiting for a chance and finally got one, I’m beyond excited. It excites me that they gave me a chance and told me that I have the skill to play out here. I’m excited to show what I’ve got in the games.”

“It was tough after 2 years ago not getting any contracts, I took a break for a couple months to get my head straight, which helped a lot.”

“My advice to others would be don’t give up. Even if it doesn’t work out the first couple times, that doesn’t mean your chance is done. Put in the extra work so that you can be better than the player that suits up next to you.”

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