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Matt Silva earns first professional deal with Kaya FC


AX are delighted to announce that 24 year-old goalkeeper Matt Silva has put to pen to paper in a deal with Kaya FC. Paul Tolentino, general manager of the Philippines Premier League outfit, attended both the Las Vegas and San Diego combines with a particular emphasis on finding a great shot-stopper. In a highly competitive roster, Silva stood out and was promptly offered terms by Kaya FC.

The Canadian signs his first professional deal in football after stints at the St Augustine and Le Moyne colleges in the States and with the Toronto Lynx Academy in his homeland. Vying for attention among five goalkeepers who played professionally in 2014 across Europe and North America, the 6’2” Canuck impressed in California, showing Tolentino he is an ideal addition for Kaya FC.

He was quick to show his appreciation for AX in allowing him the opportunity to showcase his talents in front of top coaches all over the world, and was also keen to point out the importance to still enjoy your football while striving to play professionally.

“You’ve got to stay open and positive minded, but still have fun.”

Silva will line up at the new McKinley Hill Football Field and in front of the biggest fan base in the Philippines’ top tier. Their ‘Ultras Kaya’ fan group are notorious in providing a welcoming reception for their own ranks, but also for making it as intimidating for the opposition players as possible.

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