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James Togbah signs in Malta with Pembroke Athleta


AX Soccer Tours is delighted to announce that 19 year old James Togbah has signed with Pembroke Athleta of the Maltese Premier League joining fellow summer Sweden and Norway showcase participants Austin Martz and Kyle O’Brien.

Togbah impressed initially at the 2014 Atlanta combine with some scintillating performances and quickly becoming a highly regarded prospect to AX Agency Staff. After expressing our interest Togbah was keen to pursue the Showcase opportunities and accepted our offer to attend the Summer 2015 Showcase to Sweden and Norway.

The lightning quick forward proved to be very difficult to handle for the Swedish and Norwegian clubs and Mark Miller was quick to recommend him to Pembroke in Malta for a direct signing.

We interviewed James about his new challenge in Europe and how his footballing career has shaped up so far. Below are the extracts from the interview.

On moving to Malta: “It was definitely a dream come true moment especially In Malta. However, now is not the time to get comfortable. The goal is to keep going up from here. I definitely wasn’t expecting it to happen so fast, but it was exciting to be signing my first contract!”

On AX: “I heard about AX through one of my buddies who had gone on a trip previously – he said it was really worth it. AX had more success stories [than other companies] and are very reliable. I’ve already been sending the company’s website links to friends in the states! They were really helpful, it’s very nice seeing people who want the best for you – I loved it. I really appreciate all the help from the AX staff and especially Mark Miller and Mark Taylor!”

On the tour: “I didn’t know what to expect when going to Sweden but, in the end, I liked it. It was great being around a group of guys with one goal; you could tell everyone was giving their best. I really liked the coaching aspects and the new environment.”

On advice for other aspiring players: “Never give up on your dreams. If it doesn’t work out at first, that doesn’t mean that’s the end of it. I had a school and money situation [after first being invited on tour] so I didn’t want to rush it. I wanted to be fully prepared, so I finished my two years of school and played PDL to prepare. In the end it paid off.”


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