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Hannah Kimsey and Lauren Badalamente earn trials in Sweden


AX is proud to announce their first success stories of the Women’s 2015 Pro Soccer Combines, where two players will fly to trail for Swedish 1st Division side QBIK.  Hannah Kimsey and Lauren Badalamente are the successful duo who caught everyone’s attention with their spectacular performances at their respective combines. Both players will head to Sweden on trial together, however, they took quite different routes to the same destination. Kimsey took 8 months to land a trial, while Badalamente did it in just 8 days.

Kimsey stood out at AX’s December ‘14 combine, impressing a number of agents and scouts with a series of amazing performances over the three days. Following this impressive run up, Malbacken IF inquired if she was available but the midfielder declined the offer and preferred to stay in the North West to try and see if she could land a club in the NWSL. Months later QBIK contacted AX for a central midfielder, who sent out Kimsey’s videos as a response. QBIK were impressed by what they saw and immediately offered her a trial, which Kimsey accepted.

On the other hand, success for Lauren Badalamente came much faster. While completing Kimsey’s trial opportunity, QBIK inquired about an attacking full back. Though Badalmente had signed up for the combine as a left and right midfielder, she had to fill in as a right back for 20 minutes on day 3 due to her late arrival. Badalmente, who had been doing well at the combine, put on an amazing show as a right-back and after sending the highlight footage, QBIK were quick to offer her a trial.

The duo will depart to join up with the first team this week, with an aim to win a professional contract. AX is delighted with the success of their leading female prospects and wishes them all the best in their trials in Sweden.


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