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Suta suits up for FC Jazz on trial in Finland


AX are pleased to announce another success story from a busy 2014/15 winter.  Canadian centre-half Chris Suta has been taken on trial by FC Jazz of Finland’s second tier after impressing during AX’s San Diego combine in December 2014. It follows a commanding performance in the Scandinavian showcase last summer.

Suta was recommended by his Canadian youth international teammate Gino Mauro . Mauro had experienced the benefits of AX showcases before: since the north Sweden tour of January 2014, Mauro is now in his second season with Bodens BK of the Swedish Division Two so had no hesitation in encouraging his compatriot to go the same route.

Chris Suta was invited on the 2014 Scandinavian showcase and caught the eye of residential program co-ordinator Patrick Walker, as well as staff from FC Jazz. A fine showing against Atlantis FC in particular encouraged the Ykkönen side to keep tabs on the defender. His attitude and temperament was also noted by AX who then invited him to the San Diego combine for another opportunity in front of top coaches from around the world.

Once again he displayed a great maturity on and off the field and after AX recommended him to FC Jazz director Tomi Leivo-Jokimäki the west coast outfit handed him a trial. FC Jazz are one of the older teams in the league and hold a great tradition of nurturing talent for the Finnish national team.

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