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Brett Croft signs in Sweden with Melleruds IF


AX Soccer Tours is delighted to announce that Brett Croft will be signing for Melleruds IF after impressive performances at the 2015 San Diego combine.  The 22-year-old featured throughout the three-day event and captured the attention of all the scouts in attendance, eventually helping him achieve his dream of playing professional soccer in Europe. Croft managed to bypass a trial and signed directly with Melleruds IF after getting a strong recommendation from head of AX’s Scandinavian recruitment team Julian Lundberg.

Croft’s new club has a rich 107-year-old history and holds lofty ambitions of moving up into the bigger leagues, something which the player can surely contribute to given that he scored 7 goals in his last 10 games for UPSL side Santa Clarita Storm.

Moreover, Croft’s arrival in Swedish football is a testament to AX’s continued success that has achieved 40 success stories in the last eight months and plans to grow that number emphatically over the next few years.

But its players like Croft, who help themselves with undying passion and hard-work, that leads to success and it was no surprise that the attacker was ecstatic as he talked about embarking on his European journey.

“It’s been a crazy week full of unknowns,” he said. “I am very excited to fulfill my dream of playing professional soccer in Europe. I was at the end of my college career, trying to find ways to be seen, and decided to attend the San Diego combine after getting advice from other players.

“The event was very professional and gives players a lot of playing time and exposure in front of elite professional coaches. I was very pleased with the combine and AX Soccer Tours as a company. I have nothing but positive things to say about the AX staff.

Croft shed light on the exact moment when he found out he was set to play professional football in Europe and also had some subtle advice for those looking to tread a similar path.

“It was a crazy month that I could not have seen coming,” he continued. “One minute I was on vacation with my family, and the next I was told to come to Sweden immediately! I felt that this opportunity was given to me by God and he was pushing me to go for it. I am thankful I took a leap of faith and it has begun to pay off.”

“Nothing can replace hard work and dedication to your craft. From playing all you can, to your fitness and lifestyle, these factors are massive. Also, listen to older players and their advice, experience is everything and can give you the upper hand. Finally, enjoy what you do, love for the game is everything.”

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