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Ben Everson signs with Samut Sakhon FC in Thailand

Ben Everson signs with Samut Sakhon in Thailand

AX is excited to announce Ben Everson has signed with Samut Sakhon FC in Thailand, fulfilling his lifelong dream of playing professionally overseas.

If at first you don’t succeed: try, try again. It’s a cliché we hear of all the time in sports, but for Ben Everson, it couldn’t be more applicable.

Everson was a standout at the AX Showcase to Malaysia in 2013, but was spurned the chance at a pro contract despite his success in training and games.

“In Singapore, I was really unlucky to not have got a contract and I was really frustrated that things hadn’t worked out for me there,” Everson said. “I knew how good of an opportunity it was to play in Asia, so this really motivated me to give it another go, and I just had a lot of confidence that if I could play to a similar level that I did in Singapore then I would have a chance that something could happen in Thailand for me.”

In AX’s recent tour to Asia, Everson performed at an even greater level than he had in 2013, scoring five goals in just four games. Hard work and dedication paid off for the 28 year old, and AX was with him every step of the way.

“The staff were great with me. They really helped a lot to make sure I was in the best position to get signed,” Everson said. “Even after the staff had left Thailand, they were still in constant contact and really helpful.”

Soccer is becoming a very popular sport in Asia, and teams in Thailand, China, Japan and others are rapidly expanding their outreach to the Americas. AX has realized this and helped young players like Everson get noticed through combines, workouts and training.

“I originally chose to do the Showcase in Malaysia in 2013 because it seemed like a very legitimate opportunity to sign with a team in Asia,” Everson said. “I would definitely recommend them to other footballers, they put me in a shop window that I wouldn’t have been able to have without their help.”

Everson’s “never-say-die” attitude will surely be useful for Samut Sakhon FC, which are looking to back up their first place finish in 2015 with another regular season title this year. They will also look to advance further in their domestic championship, the Thai Cup, after losing in the third round this past year.

The team has made great progress in recent years. Having only been founded in 2010, Samut Sakhon’s success so early in their league tenure is unprecedented in Asian soccer.

Everson hopes to add a goal-scoring punch to the champions’ attack this season. So far, he’s doing just that, leading Samut Sakhon to a tie on top of the league table early in his campaign.

“My advice to anyone hoping to break into professional football is to accept that things won’t always be easy and go to plan, but just keep trying to make it. I have had lots of trials when I haven’t got signed and felt I was wrongly overlooked, but I managed to (reach my goal) by not giving up.”

There may have been bumps in the road, but AX Soccer always had Everson’s goals and aspirations in mind, and helped make his dream a reality.


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