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AX and BW Gottschee form Player Development Partnership


U.S. Soccer is constantly evolving, and we at AX Management believe that the best opportunities for American players to develop often lie abroad. By partnering with AX Management, the players of BW Gottschee will not only have the chance to play in the U.S., but will also get to showcase their talents internationally, with the ultimate goal of playing professionally in Europe. BW Gottschee is a charter member of the U.S. Soccer Developmental Academy Program, and for over 60 years has trained and developed youth talent from the metropolitan area.

All BW Gottschee players will be scouted directly by our professional staff, and players who impress will be given opportunities to prove themselves with top Professional European Clubs. These professional opportunities are reserved for the very best players at the club, and BW Gottschee was selected based on the talent that they have a strong reputation of developing. BW Gottschee will be the exclusive club in New York State with a direct link to AX Management.

“BW Gottschee is home to some of the most talented players in the United States, boasting several US National Team players across various age groups. We look forward to this partnership so we can help the players of BW Gottschee achieve their goals and get international exposure at the highest levels possible.”

Alex GrendiAX Management, Managing Director

AX Management was founded on the principles that the best way to maximize a player’s growth, development, and potential is by exposing them to the highest levels of European competition. Using our extensive contacts within the professional game we are able to bridge the gap between the United States and Europe and give individual players and teams the opportunity to prove themselves in front of and against some of the best professional teams in the world.

In 2012, AX Management saw 30 of our players signed or offered trials in the USA and Europe from our last 10 Men’s Pro Soccer Combines. In addition, several of our youth players have had training stints with the likes of Aston Villa (English Premier League), Birmingham City (English Championship), and Fredrikstad FK (Norwegian Premier League).

Players on MLS Academy clubs can one-day dream of playing in the MLS for the one specific club that owns their rights. Through this partnership, the best players on BW Gottschee will get the chance to develop in Europe every summer, and have a greater opportunity of one day plying their craft in some of the best leagues in Europe.

“We are delighted to partner with AX Management. The landscape in Europe is a lot different than it is in the US. The MLS clubs do not give 17 and 18 year old academy products the opportunity to become a professional players. In Europe it’s encouraged.

Through this partnership we now can offer our players the opportunity to pursue their dream of being a professional soccer player. Most of our players have been with us since five years old and we have now covered all bases, offering opportunities in both the college and professional game.”

Ben Boehm– BW Gottschee Youth Coordinator

More details at BW Gottschee Press Release

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